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Paragon Skills offers nationally recognised qualifications in Health, Social Care, Business, Professional Administration and Sport & Fitness. They provide flexible course delivery, online learning and virtual classrooms, plus excellent training and support to help learners reach their career goals.


Paragon Skills is an organisation that helps people prepare for a successful career. It provides qualifications in the areas of Health and Social Care, Business and Professional Administration, and Sport and Fitness. Their qualifications are nationally recognised and provide learners with the skills and knowledge they need to get a job, progress in their current career or move on to higher level qualifications. Paragon Skills is dedicated to providing first-class training and support to help people reach their career goals. They offer flexible course delivery, online learning, and virtual classrooms to make sure learners have the best possible learning experience. With a commitment to excellence, Paragon Skills is a great choice for anyone looking to achieve their career aspirations.

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