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BounceTogether is a ground-breaking online platform that empowers schools to effectively track and enhance the health, wellbeing, attitudes, and emotions of their pupils and staff. Working with around 350 schools, we offer a vast array of psychometrically validated surveys, providing schools with invaluable, real-time data and insights. Our goal is to make it simple and stress-free for educators to engage with their school community on their wellbeing, ensuring that every school is a happy place to be.

About BounceTogether

Welcome to BounceTogether, a revolutionary online platform that is changing the game in the education sector. We empower schools to capture, report, and evidence the health, wellbeing, attitudes, and emotions of their pupils and staff.  Currently serving around 350 schools, we offer a vast repository of over 1,500 questions across 65+ surveys, the majority of which are psychometrically validated. This means our surveys are scientifically designed to measure exactly what they intend to measure, providing schools with invaluable data and insights. But we don't just provide data - we provide intelligent, real-time insights. Our platform helps schools focus on the pupils most in need of support, including those 'under the radar'. We integrate directly with CPOMS, the largest safeguarding platform used by schools, to join the dots with safeguarding. We also link wellbeing with attendance and academic achievement - what we call the 'ABC of a pupil'. At BounceTogether, we strive to make it simple, fast, and stress-free for teachers and education leaders to engage their school community on their wellbeing. We provide all the information they need to implement the necessary interventions, ensuring that school is a happy place to be.  Join us on our mission to transform the way schools engage with wellbeing. Together, we can make a difference.

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