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Established in 2002, IEG is a leader in education and training, offering qualifications in business, finance, health, IT, media, engineering and more. With training centres across the UK, they deliver excellence in teaching and learning, and provide extensive support and guidance to students to help them reach their goals. Committed to quality and inspiring individuals to achieve their potential.

About Inspire Education Group

Inspire Education Group (IEG) is an innovative and highly successful provider of education and training in the UK, with a mission to enable individuals to develop their skills and knowledge to meet their career aspirations. Established in 2002, IEG has become a leader in education and training, offering a wide range of courses and qualifications in areas such as business, finance, health, sport and leisure, IT, media, engineering and construction. IEG has a network of training centres located across the country, with a focus on delivering excellence in teaching and learning. They also provide extensive support and guidance to their students, helping them to achieve their educational and career goals. IEG is committed to providing a quality education and inspiring individuals to reach their potential.

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