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GCS offers A Levels, GCSEs, Apprenticeships, HE qualifications and excellent learning resources. High level student support, tutors and advisors, plus extracurricular activities make GCS an outstanding choice for an excellent learning experience.

About Gower College Swansea

Gower College Swansea (GCS) is an excellent educational provider located in the heart of Swansea city centre. GCS offers a wide range of courses including A Levels, GCSEs, Apprenticeships and Higher Education qualifications. The college also provides excellent learning resources, such as libraries and IT suites, to support students in their studies. GCS prides itself on its high level of student support, with a dedicated team of tutors and personal advisors. The college also has an excellent range of extracurricular activities, such as sports and music, to enrich the lives of its students. With an outstanding track record of results, GCS is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an excellent learning experience.

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