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Code Institute is the global leader in providing coding skills for a career in software development within a year. Our online programs, industry recognition, and dedicated support team ensure your success in landing a job you'll love in the tech industry.

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Code Institute is a global leader in providing coding skills to help people transition to a software development career within a year. We offer online programs in Full Stack Software Development, Web Application Development, eCommerce, Predictive Analytics, and Advanced Front End. Our innovative learning experience includes a comprehensive Learning Management System, 24/7 support, and robust career services. Recognized as the gold-standard in career conversion, our programs are industry-validated and credit-rated/accredited by relevant bodies. With over 1,000 hiring partners worldwide and a commitment to lifelong support, we ensure your success in landing a job you'll love. Our 3-step careers accelerator program and dedicated career teams help you build confidence and excel in the tech industry. Join our transformation team of 100+ experts who provide round-the-clock support and rich content to ensure your success.

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