Creating an Effective Teacher Job Description

October 25, 2023

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Hiring the right teacher is a crucial task that not only influences the educational outcomes of your students but also shapes the reputation of your institution.

An effective, well-structured job description is the cornerstone of any successful hiring process, serving as the foundation upon which the rest of the recruitment steps are built.

This guide aims to help you, the employer, create a compelling and informative job description that attracts qualified candidates who fit well with your educational mission and values. From the core components that must be included to tips for making your job description stand out, this guide offers a roadmap to optimise your hiring process.

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Essential Components of a Teacher Job Description

When crafting a job description for a teaching position, there are several core elements that must be included to ensure it serves its purpose effectively. Here's a breakdown:

Job Title

A clear, straightforward job title helps potential candidates quickly understand the nature and level of the job. Whether it's "Primary School Teacher," "High School Mathematics Instructor," or "Special Needs Educator," make sure your job title is specific and descriptive.

Overview of the Role

Provide a brief but comprehensive overview of what the role entails. This should encapsulate the essence of the job in two to three sentences, giving candidates an idea of what they can expect.

Responsibilities and Duties

List the core responsibilities and duties in a bullet-point format. This section should detail what is expected of the candidate on a day-to-day basis. Be specific, but avoid an overwhelming list.

Qualifications and Skills

Clearly outline the qualifications and skills required for the role. This could include educational background, certifications, years of experience, and specific skill sets such as classroom management or curriculum development.

Compensation and Benefits

Although optional, many employers find that including a salary range and benefits package makes a job description more compelling.

Application Process

Explain how candidates can apply for the position. Include deadlines, required documentation, and the steps involved in the selection process.

Teacher Job Description Example

Below, you'll find an example of a teacher job description that you can adapt to fit your unique requirements. This template includes various elements, from qualifications to employee benefits, offering a holistic view of what the role entails.

Position Overview

We are seeking a dedicated and passionate educator to join our dynamic team. This role is an exceptional opportunity for individuals who have the ability to teach and inspire students while actively contributing to the growth and betterment of our educational institution. The position offers a competitive salary and a comprehensive package of employee benefits.


  • Prepare, teach, and assess students across a range of levels and qualifications
  • Develop and implement lesson plans in alignment with curriculum guidelines
  • Conduct engaging and interactive classroom activities to enhance student learning and participation
  • Collaborate with colleagues to share best practices and contribute to cross-disciplinary initiatives
  • Evaluate student performance using various assessment tools and provide constructive feedback
  • Manage and lead extracurricular activities that align with the school's focus on holistic development
  • Line manage junior staff and actively contribute to their professional growth


  • Bachelor's degree in Education or related field; advanced degrees and additional certifications are highly desirable
  • Recognised teaching qualification
  • Minimum of 2 years of relevant teaching or coaching experience
  • Proficiency in leveraging technology for educational purposes
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Passionate about student development and achievement
  • Flexible and collaborative approach to work
  • Industry-relevant experience is a plus

Compensation and Benefits

  • Starting salary negotiable, depending on qualifications and experience
  • Employer pension contribution of 25%
  • Comprehensive training and career progression package
  • Generous holiday entitlement
  • Access to a range of free professional development events
  • Flexible working hours and potential for career growth
  • Relocation support package for eligible candidates
  • Wellbeing support and access to free on-site gymnasium
  • Cycle to work scheme, eye care vouchers, and more

Application Process

Interested candidates should submit their CV and cover letter to [Your Email Address] by [Application Deadline].

For more information on what makes a compelling teacher job description, refer to our detailed Teacher Job Description Guide.

Additional Information

Our institution is committed to the principles of equality, diversity, and safeguarding. We promote a respectful and inclusive work environment and welcome applications from all qualified individuals.

Employers can adapt this job description to suit the unique requirements and specifics of their institution. A well-written job description is an essential first step in attracting the best talent to your educational community.

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