Post-production Technical Operator - Assessor

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May 13, 2022

Assessor - Post-Production Technical Operator

Do you have experience in post-production for film, TV and/or advertising?

We are looking for industry experts that are interested in becoming a freelance, associate end-point assessor, assessing apprentices within their industry. This is a great opportunity to support talent within your industry, and your own continuous professional development.

This standard relates to technical aspects of post-production for film, TV and advertising. Post-production is effectively the final step in the making of a film or television programme and associated products, the process of refinement and transition of raw materials into a finished product before distribution and release to the public.

We are looking for potential assessors with recent, relevant experience in first line technical and edit support for the workflow and lifecycle of the content in post-production, media backup, ingest and export. The core objective of the role is to assess apprentices to ensure that the technical support operations are fulfilled effectively and efficiently to the technical specification provided.

The Post-Production Technical Operator standard is a level 4 standard. Our assessors should have recent, relevant experience at the same level, or a more senior level than the apprentices they are assessing.

As an associate end-point assessor working with AIM you will:

  1. Assess and document apprentice competence against apprenticeship standards at designated venues
  2. Carry out and document end-point assessment activities in line with AIM and regulatory arrangements
  3. Provide concise written feedback to apprentices to explain assessment decisions
  4. Complete and submit reports within the necessary timescales
  5. Provide advice and support on end-point assessment
  6. Participate in training and standardisation activities to ensure a consistent approach to end-point assessment
  7. Maintain a thorough knowledge of the organisation and AIM end-point assessment policies and procedure

Minimum requirements:

  1. Have substantial, relevant and current industry knowledge and at least 2 years' experience at a senior level in a Post-Production environment
  2. Demonstrate willingness to undertake further training about assessment practice, operating the assessment tools and grading
  3. Be independent of the apprentice, their employer and training provider(s) i.e. there must be no conflict of interest

In addition:

Ideally they should hold or be working towards an assessor qualification, e.g. award in undertaking end-point assessment (this is desirable, not essential), we give full training to industry specialists.

Our freelance team of associate assessors work part-time, generally in addition to their role in industry. They can accept assessments as they wish to, with no obligation.


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