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CaVC is Wales' largest further education college, offering GCSEs, A levels, vocational qualifications, apprenticeships and more. With over 23,000 students, it has four campuses and excellent links with employers and the community. It provides work experience and supports local businesses, charities and community groups. CaVC is committed to excellence and providing the best educational experience.

About Cardiff and Vale College

Cardiff and Vale College (CaVC) is the largest further education college in Wales, offering an extensive range of qualifications from GCSEs and A levels, to vocational qualifications and apprenticeships. With over 23,000 students, the college has four main campuses in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. CaVC is dedicated to delivering quality, up-to-date education, with the aim of preparing students for the world of work. The college has excellent links with local employers and offers a wide range of work experience opportunities. CaVC also has strong links with the local community, helping to support local businesses, charities and community groups. The college’s commitment to excellence and its excellent facilities are a testament to its dedication to providing the best possible educational experience.

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