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How Much Does a Trainer Make: A 2024 Overview

March 31, 2024

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In the dynamic world of professional training in the UK, understanding the salary landscape is more than a matter of curiosity - it's a crucial tool for career advancement.

As we step into 2024, the financial rewards for trainers show notable variability, influenced by a tapestry of factors.

It empowers effective negotiation, helps in accurately assessing the worth of one's skills and experience, and guides career decisions. This post delves into what trainers can expect in terms of compensation, dissecting the variables that shape these figures.

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How much does a trainer make?

On average, a trainer makes £28,492 per year. We have come to this figure based on data from trusted sources:

  • PayScale's analysis shows an average annual salary of approximately £23,458.
  • Indeed's data paints a slightly more optimistic picture, suggesting an average closer to £30,402 per year.
  • Glassdoor's research indicates a higher end of the spectrum with an average of £31,617 annually.

These varying figures aren't just random discrepancies; they're indicative of a dynamic field where factors like location, industry-specific demands, and the depth of a trainer's experience play critical roles in determining earning potential. For instance, trainers in major cities or in high-demand sectors may see higher average salaries than those in rural areas or less specialised fields.

Understanding these nuances is key for any trainer evaluating their career prospects or negotiating salaries.

You can also look at our Salary Survey, which is our live database of salary ranges in the FE, skills and learning sectors.

Factors Influencing Salaries

  1. Location: Trainers in urban or high-cost living areas often command higher salaries.
  2. Experience: Seasoned trainers with a solid track record can negotiate higher pay.
  3. Industry: Salaries can vary significantly across different industries.

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Final Thoughts

The evolving and dynamic nature of the trainer's role in today's professional landscape is mirrored in the diversity of its salary structures.

For anyone considering a career as a trainer or those looking to elevate their professional journey, grasping these salary trends becomes more than just beneficial—it's essential.

This understanding not only helps in navigating career paths with more confidence but also equips professionals with the knowledge needed for effective salary negotiations, ensuring they are fairly compensated for their skills and contributions in this varied and ever-changing field.

Alex Lockey
Director | Bolt Jobs
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