Curriculum Manager Job Description: Roles and Responsibilities

August 12, 2023

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Finding the perfect Curriculum Manager is akin to discovering the conductor of an educational orchestra, a vital leader who synchronises every element of teaching and learning.

A Curriculum Manager not only oversees and develops educational programmes but also ensures alignment with standards and engaging experiences for students. In a world where education is constantly evolving, the role of a Curriculum Manager becomes pivotal.

This post aims to provide insight into this dynamic role and offer a job description template to ease the hiring process. Whether you are an employer aiming to attract the best talent or a job seeker aiming to understand the nuances of this position, read on to delve into the multifaceted world of Curriculum Management.

Curriculum Manager Role

A Curriculum Manager is integral to the educational landscape, tasked with the development, implementation, and maintenance of curriculum models and learning programmes.

They work to create engaging materials that support high-quality teaching and learning experiences. Collaborating with various stakeholders such as teachers, graphic designers, and operational colleagues, a Curriculum Manager ensures that the content aligns with national standards and meets the specific needs of the target market.

Their responsibilities also extend to quality control, compliance with regulations, and keeping abreast of environmental factors that may impact learning programmes. This role demands strong organisational, communication, and problem-solving skills, often operating under tight deadlines and pressure.

Below, you'll find a detailed job description that further elaborates on the specific duties and requirements for a Curriculum Manager, shedding light on what employers should look for when hiring for this vital role.

Job Description

Overall Purpose & Scope of Role

The primary objective of the curriculum manager is to develop, maintain and refine curriculum and delivery models across various learning programmes. This includes:

Key Duties


  • Managing the implementation of new curriculum delivery models and learning resources as needed.
  • Ensuring a high-quality learner experience to support successful qualification attainment.
  • Controlling expenditures related to content development.
  • Supporting the alignment of employer internal programmes to enhance impact and efficiency.


  • Contributing to the overall learning strategy.
  • Upholding company values and maintaining a positive working environment.
  • Continuing professional development and addressing any issues identified through audit.

Quality & Compliance:

  • Regularly reviewing and updating all delivery models and learning resources for fitness of purpose.
  • Conducting editorial, technical, and functional reviews of deliverables against various learning courses and standards.
  • Communicating production schedules, progress, risks, and issues to relevant parties.
  • Developing content to national standards for learning delivery within agreed timeframes, budget, and quality parameters.
  • Ensuring that delivery models and resources are embedded into practice through standardisation, training, and observation.


  • Collaborating with graphic designers to create engaging content.
  • Building strong relationships with operational colleagues and external customers.
  • Sharing best practices across the organisation and promoting a positive company image.

Person Specification

Knowledge & Experience:

  • Minimum of 3 years' experience in delivering Apprenticeships and other learning programmes.
  • Strong working knowledge of Estyn and Ofsted inspection frameworks.
  • Commercial acumen and credibility.
  • Experience with utilising learning systems like Smart Assessor, BKSB, WEST.


  • Coaching & mentoring.
  • Planning and organising.
  • Influencing.
  • Strong communication and presentation skills.
  • Robust IT skills.

Behaviours & Attitudes:

  • Motivating & engaging.
  • High energy and enthusiasm.
  • Pragmatic approach to problem-solving.
  • Accountability and reliability.
  • Flexibility.


  • Adhering to the Code of Conduct, policies, and procedures.
  • Upholding company values.
  • Commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all stakeholders.
  • Responsibility for data protection, complying with relevant company policies and procedures.

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